Wheat Milling Discs Corundum Ceramic

Wheat Byproduct - Bunge Milling North America.Flour is the product made by the gradual and systematic milling of wheat grains, after the separation of impurities and washing until the desired degree of extraction (from 72% to 78%). The proteins contained in the flour defines the types of flour quality and end use. Whole wheat yields more than 72% of white flour and the rest is a byproduct.

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USA - Ceramic-coated corundum abrasive grain In corundum abrasive grain which is ceramically coated with ground frit, a binder and fine grain highly abrasive material for the purpose of improving adhesion of the abrasive grain in its processing to resin-bonded abrasives and their use in wet grinding. The fine grain material forms from 1 to 5 weight percent of the untreated corundum grain and ranges in size from 10 to 50 microns, which Wheat and flour testing - nabimmilling types and values above 46 are termed hard. Most laboratories use a NIR instrument, calibrated to an SKCS system. Biscuit wheat needs to be soft milling (SKCS typically 10 - 45), whereas bread wheat should be hard milling (SKCS typically 50 - 80). In the SKCS technique a rotating pick-up wheel takes wheat kernels through the instrument.

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