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Toulouse - Toulouse - AirbusSiège social d'Airbus, Toulouse accueille de nombreuses fonctions centrales et stratégiques (relations clients, gestion des approvisionnements, ressources humaines, marketing, ventes, communication, finance, etc.).. De nombreuses Divisions du Groupe sont également présentes dans cette ville. Le site abrite la production de nombreux Airbus (dont l'A320, l'A350 XWB et l'A330) ainsi ...

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Sarkaz Centurion | ArKnights Wiki | FandomThe Sarkaz Centurion is a boss enemy in Arknights. One of Reunion's squad leaders who also serves as a Sarkaz mercenary. He leads a group of Sarkaz mercenaries to fight on the front lines. Based upon the limited intel available, he is extremely tight-lipped, thus making it unlikely to get any...Defense Crusher | ArKnights Wiki | FandomThe Defense Crusher is an elite enemy in Arknights. One of Reunion's senior elites, clad in a heavy blast suit. Each swing from their weapon is slow but packs tremendous destructive power. Operators will be stunned after taking several attacks. Proceed with caution.

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