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Global Coal Risk Assessment | World Resources .Currently, there is limited or no capacity for domestic coal production in any of these countries. Our analysis found that 483 power companies have proposed new coal-fired plants. With 66 proposed projects, Huaneng (Chinese) has proposed the most, followed by Guodian (Chinese), and NTPC (Indian).

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Natural gas in India | Distribution and .India had 38 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves as of January 2007.The total gas production in India was about 31,400 mcm in compared with 2,358 mcm in . At this production level, India's reserves are likely to last for around 29 years; that is significantly longer than the 19 years estimated for oil reserves.The White Industries Arbitration: Implications .White Industries obtained an arbitral award in its favour in a contractual dispute with Coal India, an Indian public sector company, and sought enforcement of the award before the Delhi High Court. Simultaneously, Coal India approached the Calcutta High Court to have the award set aside, and the request was granted. White Industries appealed to the Supreme Court in 2004 and the final decision ...

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