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Magnetic Separator Manufacturers sale indiaThe magnetic separator assembly has fixed permanent magnet inside the rotating drum. When the liquid input is fed into the low intensity magnetic separator (LIMS) all particles which are ferrous in nature, even the low intensity elements are attracted by permanent magnet. Magnetic Wet Drum Separator :

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Magnetic Separators & Magnetic Iron Separator ManufacturerThere are many names by which it is called they are Wet Drum Permanent Separators,Wet Drum Magnetic Separators,Wet Drum Separators,Low Intensity Magnetic Separator (LIMS) & Wet Magnetic Drum. The main aim of the magnetic separator is to recover the maximum amount of ferrous by using the intensity of the permanent magnet.High Intensity Magnetic Separator - JXSC MachineHigh-intensity magnetic separators are the upgrading products of dry separators developed on the basis of the original dry separators by improving the magnetic field strength and magnetic block arrangement. Its magnetic system is all made of high-performance rare-earth nd-fe-b material and high-quality ferrite material with high magnetic field strength (up to 12000 GAUSS).

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