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Blue Bowl InstructionsBlue Bowl Instructions A few minutes spent reading these instructions can produce amazing results. The recovery unit must be kept clean and free of any oily substances. Wash the interior surfaces with a mild de-tergent remove any oils. This should be repeated periodically to ensure the bowl surfaces stay clean and oil free.

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Concentrators – Black MiningGold concentrators can help make quick work of separating gold from your black sand concentrates. Excellent Service Since 2006 ... Blue Bowl Clips and Levelers. Black Mining. Regular price $20.95 Blue Bowl Kit. Black Mining. Regular price $119.95 Battery Clips. Black Mining to make a blue bowl gold concentrator: Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit with Pump, Leg . panning fine gold concentrates by hand is difficult & tedious, however, when set up & operated properly, the blue bowl can recover gold as fine as talcum powder! completely portable, the blue bowl''s rugged construction is made for a lifetime of use. this concentrator kit weighs about 5 LB & includes the blue bowl, Leg levelers for using on a 5 ...

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